India continues to lie’ look who’s talking

Pakistan’s Inter-Services Public Relations Director General Major General Asif Ghafoor addressed the nation or at least it looked like the way it was televised nation wide on all networks as if President or Prime Minister is addressing the nation with important national matters of urgent nature. 

The military spokesperson began his news conference speaking on the Pulwama attack and India’s ‘baseless’ allegations of Pakistan’s involvement.

“Since the last two months, India has been telling countless lies. As a responsible country, we have not responded to their lies. Lies have to be repeated again and again. Truth only needs to be spoken once,” DG ISPR asserted.

Here the notion that I don’t understand is that why on earth General took precious air time on national network and stated internal and foreign policy when there’s an elected democratic representation by vote of people of Pakistan?

My Question is what took you so long Mr. Ghafoor to come out and start this  ‘truth’ sharing episode all of a sudden and accuse a nation with whom your Prime Minister Imran Khan wants to have cordial relationship and you declare this nation a ‘LIAR’ ?

As a matter of fact why don’t you share the actual reality of Phulwama attack with the nation unless you are not hiding anything embarrassing?

I am sure that you don’t want people of Pakistan and rest of the world to know that it were actually Indians who flew into your ‘land of pure’ and returned back after a successful surgical operation. I am sure you would truthfully love to hide the fact that there were few dozens dead bodies in a close-by hospital that was later sealed for any civilian living being. Yet India is lying ? Well somethings are ‘For your eyes only’ aren’t they?

I am pretty sure that as an Army man you had taken oath; not to take any part in politics, not to interfere in the state matters and not do any business or corporate activity, above all you took oath on Quran that you will not violate the constitution of Pakistan. Haven’t you?  Now let’s see what’s your response and let the readers determine who’s lying and who’s not.

For my readers in India, it will be interesting fact that what their own government is investing in Pakistan as per the ‘honest’ and bearer of truth General, Ghafoor came up with some hypothetical allegations and on the national TV asked these absurd questions towards the leadership of Popular Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement blaming the Indian involvement with their cause. The entire world is acknowledging the uprise that is purely on humanitarian grounds. He presented some questions as follows:

“Islamabad sit-in: How much funds RAW provided you? April 18, 2018 – Who was Manzoor Pashteen’s relative who went to the Indian consulate, Kandahar? And how much funds were provided to them? How much in funds did the Indian consulate in Jalalabad provide to you? How many dollars did Indian diplomats give to you in May 2018? March 31, 2019 – How much funds did NDS provide to you for Arman Luni’s funeral? “

Now remember that what PTM and Manzoor Pashteen are demanding is within the state’s constitutional boundary and pleading their fundamental right to live, they want their enforced missing men and women to return home and imploring justice for damage caused by way of carpet bombing on their villages. 

Such PTM’s demands are guaranteed under all International treaties and part of Pakistan’s constitution, if their humanitarian invocation is supported by India and they are generously funding this cause, I must commend India’s effort. 

PTM & Foriegn Funding Allegations: five names are mentioned, none of them are PTM member and also not Pak nationals. Three Naseer Zardran, Ismail Yuon & Mir Afghan Safi are Afghan citizens while two Mashal Takkar & Tariq Fateh are Canadians. Most are not known to its leadership.

Mr. Ghafoor even if your argument is true, it seems like  PTM is not helping India at all to hurt Pakistan but RAW and India are paying their tax payer’s rupees to a noble cause that every other nation must do with same love and care. 

Well the reality is that there’s no Indian hand or funding, no involvement of RAW and no ill intention by any other nation for PTM, its just that Manzoor Pashteen, Ali Wazir and Mohsin Dawar are purely struggling to secure their rights within the constitutional domain. The other reality is that historically whenever someone raised voices exposing Army’s involvement into the civil affairs, the ‘Ghaddar’ card comes into play and in past it has been a great tool that nation believed but now it sounds like broken record as this script has been used too many times, but with obvious results.  

Earlier Ghafoor had warned Pashtun activists in Pakistan not to cross the Red line in a media briefing but this week Ghafoor’s war drums beat to action against Manzoor Pashteen and Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM) was a clear indication of further ‘action’ against them.  He warned Manzoor and Modi in the same breath, “Pakistan will respond to with full force to any Indian aggression” says Ghafoor with a weak voice.

I am surprised that a nation at the verge of financial crumbling, international isolation and growing internal uprising in it’s east, west, north, southagainhaving ons and yet this fainting state has the balls to send it’s military spokesperson to start accusing India of consequences and taking an aggressive stance. During his press meet Ghafoor seem to have lot of confidence on the media and even mentioned that if in 1971 media was like today Pakistan would not be defeated. I guess Pakistan’s establishment and military men are too good to control the media and not good at all having control over LOC.

In my opinion, the cat is out of the bag and the lies of DG ISPR are now unveiled as their tolerance is up and anyone who doesn’t bow down to their anecdote is declared a ‘foreign agent’, ‘Ghaddar’ and ‘Indian funded’ like Fatima Jinnah, Bacha Khan, Manzoor Pashteen and Mohajir Leader Altaf Hussain, I believe its about time to revise and alter this aged script and start building a national narrative along the lines of civil liberties like any other civilized nation and stop portraying a democratic republic like a banana republic.

The writer is a social and civil right activist and very vocal on Human Right violations across the globe. He works as Host/Producer (Current Affairs) at a leading news channel of North America. He can be reached at anisfarooqui@gmail.comand tweets @anis_farooqui

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